Leather Coat Repair & Reconditioning 

In addition to leather coats we can repair and recondition your favorite leather handbag or briefcase! 

CLEANING: Overall complete cleaning. This service can help preserve longevity of leather apparel with scheduled cleaning.

COLOR RESTORATION: This service includes cleaning and enhancement of missing color and finish.

REPAIR TEARS: We can repair tears, V-tears or cuts, straight tears, deep gouges and scratches.

STAIN REMOVAL: Stains like ring-around the collar, body or hair oils, food, etc. can be safely removed from your garment. If we cannot remove the stain, there is no charge.

PANEL REPLACEMENT: Occasionally, damage is so great that a panel needs to be replaced. A panel is a piece of leather sewn seam to seam to make up the garment.

WATER & STAIN REPELLENT: Protect your investment from future damage.

ODOR REMOVAL: Cigar and cigarette smoke, pet odors, and mildew can all be professionally removed from your garment.

REJUVENATION TREATMENT: This service includes cleaning, with an extra treatment applied to the leather, cleaned, than conditioned. Your leather coat or garment will look like new again.

BUTTONS/SNAPS: We can replace missing buttons as closely as possible or replace all buttons, adjust loose buttons or snaps.


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